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Once On this Island: RHS Drama Club's Second Musical

After reaching new heights with RHS’s first musical in decades, the drama club is once again going big. This year, the talented cast will be performing little known play Once on this Island- a story of love and loss that follows in the vein of the Little Mermaid. 

One of the things that defines theater is the bonds built through it, and this is prevalent in a recent interview conducted with our cast. When asked about the show, everywhere from production, to rehearsals, to most enjoyable moments, almost everyone answered similarly. Dina Ouseffa (sophomore), was asked what makes the show unique, and her biggest point was the “amazing actors, amazing crew, amazing staff”. When our lead, Hadassa Negrini (sophomore), was asked what she has loved the most, her answer was instant; “you make a pretty big group of friends when

you join theater, and staying here and just hanging out with them, being able to laugh…those are probably the best moments.” This all encompassing feeling of togetherness is not just what keeps the students coming back, it’s what makes a show great. The ability to trust one another, to celebrate an individual’s accomplishments as that of the group. Community is what keeps our theater program running, and what will ensure that we are in for another terrific performance this April. Listen to the cast- “make sure to show up, and bring your families too!”


Performance Dates: April 4, 5, & 6

Tickets not yet available for purchase

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