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Stem Center Stars


From left to right: Yasmin Riazi; Maram Alkhatabih; Glenn Kule; Sarah Pineda Taborda

(RHS STEM Center) What do the moon and a dollar have in common? They both have 4 quarters! Well this semester, four of our new STEM fellows have begun to help their peers in math and science subjects and you won’t find anyone else with such a love for STEM. We sat down with some of the STEM center fellows to ask them about themselves, here is their answers:

What influenced you to become a STEM center fellow?

Maram: Ms.Kohr

Glenn: Wanting to help people with math


What are you guys looking forward to the most being a STEM center fellow?

Sarah: Helping people understand math

Yasmin: Creating connections with students


What was the last song you listened to?

Sarah: Moral Conscience by Kali Uchis

Glenn: My Eyes by Travis Scott

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