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There is something special about Thursdays; something that makes me look forward to them. To everyone else Thursday is just another day of the week. It’s the day that comes before Friday; the day that everyone starts longing for the weekend. It may be insignificant to most people but to me, it is an important day. I wake up each Thursday with a warm feeling. While everyone mopes around wishing it was already the weekend, I’m just wishing it was already 8 pm. I have spent every Thursday night for the past – actually it’s too many to count – years at dance. Dance is a place I am comfortable, a place I can call my second home, a place where I won’t be judged. Dance is my passion and I can easily find ways to express myself through it. If I dance every day of the week, what’s so special about Thursdays then? It’s the people. My dance teacher is our best friend, she’s been with us from the start. From being our assistant to being our teacher; she finds ways to inspire us and make sure we are our very best each week. There is just something more special, sweeter, almost sentimental about Thursdays. Even though everyone else just wants it to be Friday; I just want to be at my favorite place, with the best people, doing the thing I love.

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