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Winter vs Summer

When people usually say that summer is their favorite season they take the following few things into account: the weather, the vacation, and the activities. During the summertime, it is nice and warm outside so you can go out more and do fun activities like swimming. You also get 2 months of no school which makes it being the best season a no-brainer to many. What’s there not to like about summer, right? Although there are many enjoyable factors to consider, summer is not the best season, in my opinion, winter takes the throne. Yes, there are many days when the weather is nice and warm and you get to enjoy the nice weather, but there is a fair share of boiling uncomfortable dry, or humid days. The AC is never cool enough to remove the gross sweaty feeling you have thoroughly. Winter, even if it can be freezing cold, you can always rely on layers. You can put on multiple sweaters and immediately start to feel the difference in temperature. In the summer, no matter how many layers of clothing you remove you always have that gross feeling lingering from the heat. The holidays are also better in the winter. Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, are all great holidays that many different people celebrate. It brings people together and creates a community; a family. The joy from the holiday season is something that cannot be replicated by summer. Summer’s “most significant” holiday is the 4th of July. A holiday that many in the country do not participate in. Sure there are fireworks but does that really top the spirit that Christmas brings? There are mixed opinions on which of the two seasons is the best, and there can be more details that back up either of the two but it all comes down to the little things and the personal experience within the seasons. It would be more interesting to add fall and spring into the mix, but personally, winter is the reigning champ.

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