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I never liked zucchini. In the garden that’s my father’s pride and joy, it was my one enemy, the one thing I wouldn’t eat. As a food, the bland taste and soft texture made it unappetizing to me. In the garden, the massive zucchini leaves easily overtook the measly peppers. The prickly undersides of the leaves left rashes along my legs as I picked tomatoes. This year, we were unfortunate enough to have a bountiful zucchini harvest. As vegetables the size of my forearms took over the kitchen counter, my family grew increasingly desperate to find new recipes and ways to cook them. At some point, they turned to me for baked goods. First it was the zucchini bread. Next, it will be muffins and brownies and pancakes. I’ve found myself surprised with zucchini’s versatility. The high water content makes for a deliciously moist bread. The blandness is useful for when you want something to taste more cinnamon-y than vegetable-y. I think I’ve grown to enjoy it as an ingredient. Somehow, my newfound fondness for zucchini reminds me of my therapist’s words: sometimes, appreciating the little things can make us see what we couldn’t before.

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